Monday, February 8, 2010

Home At Last

They say, "No matter how humble, there is no place like home." Today I agree. Quiet is a great way to get over the tired and stress that comes with traveling, either by plane or by car. And it is much needed.

Spent last week retrieving our daughter, Aly, from her adventure with YWAM at the Montana base in Lakeside. WOW. We got to spend the last day or two with her there and meet the people who she has shared life with for the past 5 mo. We were part of an out of this world worship service and community time where each team got to share testimonies of what God did on their various missions and videos of their time on mission. It was a great family time for all at the base and the parents who could come. We were very honored to be there and to see the quality of the common life and teaching that happens in this Christian community.

Now we are making our way back "down the mountain" as we all return to the Mile Hi city and our own mountaintop in Denver. It is very good to be home and focusing on what God is giving us to do this day and in the days to come.

Padre Phil+

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