Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Easter Reality

Over the past few weeks I've been preaching a series called "What A Difference A Resurrection Makes!" We have looked at the differences that the resurrection of Jesus Christ made in the lives of the disciples, his closest friends. We've looked at the difference that meeting the Risen Christ made in the life of Saul - who became the Apostle Paul, a major force in the shaping of Christian mission and theology, as well as the major writer of the New Testament letters to the churches. We've also looked at the difference that the Resurrection made in the message - the preaching of the early church: Peter, Stephen, Paul throughout the Book of Acts. It is quite amazing to compare and contrast the demeanor of all those who met Jesus alive after the Cross and to see the shift in their attitudes and behavior.

But what about us? This is the subject for this coming Sunday's message: What a difference He makes in our lives! This encompasses all the realities of the promises of God and the work of the Cross, being realized in our lives, day to day. We are experiencing a call to "Come Deeper" with the Lord in our midst, in our worship, in our common life, in our prayers. Living in the reality of our redemption is Job #1 for us today. Paul prayed for his friends in the church he founded in Ephesus: I pray that the eyes of your heart will be open (enlightened) to the facts of your "future and confident hope" - to the wealth of the "inheritance" that lies among the saints (that's you and me!) - AND the "incredibly great power" available to us who believe - that same power that God demonstrated in raising Christ from the dead!! WOW!

I pray that you will take hold of these "great and precious promises" in order to "participate in the very nature - the Divine Nature of God Himself". That is your destiny "in Christ." What a difference a Resurrection makes!! Indeed. He is risen and so are we, with Him.