Thursday, January 14, 2010

A True Witness Saves Lives

As I look at the first line of the post from Tues morning, in the light of the Haitian disaster, it seems that we are presented with an opportunity to be the "true witness that saves lives." I read that this morning in my reading from Proverbs (14:25) and then ran across it again in a post from Somebody Cares International who is responding, along with the rest of the relief agencies in the US, to the earthquake losses and distruction in Haiti.

What can a single church or individual do? A great deal! Not the least of which is prayer! Join with me in your thoughts today and as this tragedy unfolds to support those effected and those working for their relief in prayer. On your knees type prayer.

And give. At this point the relief organizations are mobilizing and they need funds. From the Red Cross to church organizations like Somebody Cares, International, funds are needed for this massive effort. Millions of lives are at stake and my prayer is that the Church will step up and be the Church in this hour. Let's make a difference.

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