Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R.I.P. Our Dear Mamie

Yesterday, I did 'last rites' for my friend, Mamie Todd. In their late years, she and her husband George, (R.I.P. April 2009) have been some of our faithful stalwarts at REZ. Through decades of health issues they have persevered to be one of the most faithful couples we've ever known.

It was with great surprise (and deep joy) that we greeted them on our first Sunday evening as RESURRECTION ANGLICAN FELLOWSHIP, as we met that evening at the chapel at Colorado Community Church's Englewood Campus, only a mile or two up the hill from our old home at St. George's. Old home! Boy was that true for George and Mamie, members of St. Georges for decades, thus our overjoyed surprise at their presence with us in this new church plant.

Both of them worked quietly, behind the scenes, doing little things like collecting food from farmer's markets and delivering it to food banks the same day. Gathering clothes, tools, anything useful actually, and seeing to it that it go to someone who needed it. This was George's passion and daily activity, and Mamie supported him until his passing last year. Now she has fought her final battle and joined him for a great square-dance on the golden streets. I'm wondering who the caller is!??? Bet that was quite a reunion.

Mamie (and George), we will miss you greatly in our lives at REZ. And that is the way it should be. People who are significant for us should leave a hole in our lives! We fill those holes, eventually, with the stuff of memory and thankfulness and praise to God for the gift He has given us. I got an email this morning asking how many of the last great trophy winners we can remember: Heiseman, Academy Awards, Pulitzer Prize, World Series MVP... you name it. Can you? But ask who has made an impact on your life? Who helped you with a difficult time in your life? Who reached out to you in a small but life-changing way? These are the people who COUNT!
Not the big names or the bright "stars."

Mamie and George, we love you. You have touched us and we have grown because of knowing you both. Go with God and be joyful together in the habitations of light.

Rest in Peace, indeed.
Padre Phil+

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