Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remember: Faith, Family & Freedom

I watched a DVR presentation by Glenn Beck last night of the history of communist regimes in the 20th century. A very eye-opening account of political philosophy, totalitarianism and mass murder in graduated scale, from Hitler to Stalin to Mao.

In America we take so much for granted in our way of life these days, and are increasingly at risk of forgetting whence we came. Our American heritage is one of faith, family and freedom. Its time to remember where we have come from: the history of the faith, the value of the family and the price of the freedoms we enjoy so glibly.

Our history of faith is undeniable. The Judeo-Christian heritage we have in America is long and runs deeply through the writings of our founding fathers and mothers. The continuing attempts to re-write and to divorce us from our roots is heinous. In the name of a mis-guided intellectualism, we are being moved away from our historic roots in the Bible as a guide book for life and for government. Though Democracy is not Theocracy, there is a tap root in our history that goes down into the ethics and morality of Jesus Christ, as the foundation for all good government. Without this nourishment the vine dies and the fruit of goodness, perseverance and peace with it.

The value of family is inherent in the fabric of our country. And it has been under seige for decades on almost every front. As the basic buiding block of our society, the family stands alone among institutions in America. Nothing can ever replace the value of a mother and father in lifelong commitment, raising their children in the home so founded. And almost everything in our culture now militates against the home and family as we have understood them historically. Every time the family crumbles, the society crumbles. Take heed.

And finally, we must remember the price of freedom. As they say, freedom is not free. It has been purchased and held by the blood of those who have defended it against every enemy of America for the past 200+ years. No better reminder serves than the cost of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence. Had the endeavor failed, each of the signatories would have been hunted down and put to death. So we must understand that freedom is worth its price, and we must share in its processes and purposes for it to flourish. For most of us the price of freedom is no more costly than a few pennies of gas to go vote! And some are even unwilling to pay that.

Remember, Faith, Family & Freedom.
This is our task in 2010 and it has begun with the shot heard in Massachusetts this week. Let's not let this opportunity pass to remember and to act.

Padre Phil

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