Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rev Derek Rust - Tale of Three Sons

Rev. Derek Rust is the former director of ALPHA Colorado and has been active in ministry here in Colorado, Minnesota, and Virginia for the past 20 years.

Derek brings a great word from the heart of the Father - that lost things matter!  Using Luke 15 and the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost (prodigal) son, Derek shows us the Father's heart for those who do not know Him.

Listen to this sermon and fill in the notes below:

(click here to listen)


1.  Portrait of the Younger Son  (Lu. 15: 11-20)

     A.  The Request:   " I wish you were _____(dead)_____!  (Lu. 15:11,12)
     B.  The Reason:     The Quest for   ______(freedom)___   (Rebellion --> Addiction)
     C.  The Consequence:    ___(drained 'essence')________  (Lu. 15: 13-16)

2.  Portrait of the Older Son  (Lu. 15: 25-30)

     A.  The Feelings:   ___(anger)__ ,  _____(resentment)__  (Lu. 15: 28,29)
     B.  The Temptation:  __(to write his brother off)_______  (Lu. 15: 30)

3.  Portrait of Jesus

     A.  Jesus Became __(the prodigal)___   [without rebellion; ours was his 'far country']
     B.  Jesus Became __(The Older Brother/Son)__  [without resentment]
     C.  Jesus Reveals __(the Father's Heart / Love_   [to us]

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