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Praying in Gospel Time (Intensive Workshop)

Fr. Chris Bollegar
Colorado Anglican Intensive
The Prayerbook in Life
Saturday, Feb1, 2014

Workshop:   Praying in Gospel Time

Subject:  The Church Year and our understanding of how the use of the Prayer Book will begin to form us into the image of Jesus Christ as disciples.  Click the title for the audio and listen to this great workshop on understanding an ordered life shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. This was a great talk! I wish I could have attended. Fr. Chris has really breathed life into the church calendar and the Prayer Book for me. I was visualizing the incidences of Christ's life throughout the year! For us, I know we struggle to keep up with each day. Sometimes, we don't know what day it is without refering to a calendar. Now I'll have to do more. Thank you for recording these talks and posting them for us! This is wonderful!