YGod - Class overview and Reading list/syllabus

YGod Class teachers will be Fr. Phil, Fr. Ed, Ken Rees, Darren Johnson, Hugo Bouse


Class books will be as follows:  Please get them from Amazon (all are available as Kindle editions)

YGod - (An Intelligent Discussion on the Relevance of Faith),   Danielle D’Souza, Regal Books, 2012

Christianity For Skeptics (Expanded and Updated), Dr. Steve Kumar and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati,
Creation Book Publ, Atlanta, 2012

The Case for Faith (A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity), Lee Strobel,
Zondervan Books, 2000 (Also available in E-book and Audiobook forms)



The general layout of the class will look like this:
    TITLE                                           PRESENTER                                                                                  SUBJECT MATTER
Aug 3 - Introduction and Overview                               Ken Rees                     
Topical introduction, Book Intro & Bibliography, Survey of Questions


Aug 17 -  YGod -  Why have faith at all?                           Fr. Phil               
The human necessity of faith, The nature of faith, our every day usage of faith in life,
 It's not 'outside' us, it's 'inside' us!
      Readings:  YGod - Chapter 1;  The Case for Faith, Introduction and Preface; 

Aug 24 -  "Arguing for the existence of bread"               Fr. Phil
The toaster has a definite shaped hole - how can we argue from the toaster to the existence of bread?  Argument from Design      
Readings:  KUMAR - Chapter 1;  STROBEL - Objection #3;   YGOD - Chapters 2 - 6                  

Aug 31 -  A People of the Book                                             Fr. Phil Eberhart
The Bible is our book.  How can we say it is authoritative?  What about the Bible's difficulties?  Is it trustworthy?      
Readings:   YGOD - Chapters 10, 28;   KUMAR - Chapter 5;   STROBEL - Chapter 4                  

Sept. 7-  A People of the Book, II                                            Fr. Phil Eberhart                
A further discussion on Kumar's reasoning and other readings.
      Addl Reading will be available
Sept. 14 -  The Person of Jesus                                                  Hugo Bouse
Was Jesus really real?  What evidence is there … internal in the Bible and external to the Bible?
     Readings:  YGOD - Chapters 7, 8 ;  KUMAR - Chapter 4;   STROBEL - Appendix
             on A Summary of the Case for Christ (or read his other book by that title)
Sept 21 -  The Claims of Jesus                                                     Hugo Bouse
Who did Jesus actually think he was?  Claim to be?  Prophet? Son of God? Son of Man?
      Readings:  KUMAR - Chapter 4 continued;  ZACHARIAS - JESUS among other gods;  YGOD, chapter 8; 

Sept 28 -  Is Jesus the ONLY Way?                                              Fr. Edward Kironde
Aren’t there really lots of ways to God?  All roads lead up the mountain, just from different sides? Right?   NO!
    Readings:   STROBEL, Chapter 5; 

Oct 5 -  The Resurrection Proof                                                    Ken Rees
How can you believe in someone back from the dead?  That can’t happen!  But what if it did?!!
     Readings:  YGOD, Chapter 11;  KUMAR, Chapter 8, p. 191ff;

Oct 12 -  COEXIST?  Really!??                                                         Darren Johnson
Bumper sticker theology says they’re all the same!  True or False?  Tolerance and Multi-cultural Political Correctness are the order of the day.  What are the differences?
     Readings:  YGOD, Chapter 19, 20;  KUMAR, Chapters 6, 7 & 8

Oct 19 -  Dealing with Suffering                                                      Fr. Edward Kironde
Here’s the really big one!  How can an all powerful and all-loving God allow the kind of things that go on in our world?  What is suffering about and why?
     Readings:  STROBEL, Chapter 1;  YGOD, Chapter 17, 18;  KUMAR, Chapter 2

Oct 26 -  Week off for Ordination and Bishop Visit


Nov 2 -  Evil and Morality                                                                Ken Rees
How does evil show itself in our world?  Is there a personal devil? What is his power and what is the limitation of his power?  
     Readings:   YGOD, Chapter 16, 27; 

Nov 9 -   A Witness to Islam                                                              Darren Johnson
Is Islam really the religion of peace?  How can we understand and relate without fear to our Muslim neighbors and co-workers?  Who is Jesus to Muslims?
     Readings:  KUMAR, Chapter 8;  MEDEARIS, CARL,  Extended reading in "Muslims, Christians and Jesus"

Nov 16 -  Eastern Mindset                                                                   Hugo Bouse
Isn’t Eastern thought more peaceful and compatible with life?  What do Buddhists, and Hindus, and other eastern religions really believe?
    Readings:  KUMAR, Chapter 7;  YGOD, Chapter 20

Nov 23 -  Church History: Good & Bad                                    Darren Johnson
Isn’t church history a long string of bad behavior by Christians?  Crusades! Inquisition!!  The DaVinci Code?  Right?  What has the Church actually done right?  Anything?
     Readings:  STROBEL, Chapter 7;  YGOD, Chapter 22, 23 & 24;

Nov 30 - Heaven and Hell                                                                    Ken Rees
Are they real places or just religious constructs of fear and reward?  How do we know and what does knowing do for us?
     Readings:  STROBEL, Chapter 6;  YGOD, Chapter 21

Nov 26th is our Thansgiving Eve service. As the sermon for the evening we will be watching the new Billy Graham release, "HEAVEN".  It will be a tremendous outreach opportunity.  Don't miss it, and bring family and frends!

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