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Celtic History, Part I Notes

Celtic History, Part I Audio

NOTE:  A Celtic Music segment begins at 9 min and 20 seconds and ends with a blessing for the musician, Nichole, at 26 min.
Session ends at 46 minutes

Teacher:  Cheryl Sedlacek

A History of Celtic Christianity, Part 1

         The Holy Companions 
         The Celtic Saints

Diocletian - 303 - Emperor of Rome began persecuting the church.  
Many priests fled to England

Story of St. Alban told by The Venerable Bede
       Pagan Alban takes in a priest and is arrested for it.  Alban
       offers himself instead of the priest, but is denied.  He is
       arrested and killed as a "martyr" in England. Lots of legend
       surrounding his death.

MUSICAL INTERLUDE - Celtic Violist, Nichole

History of Roman "Dark Ages" Catholic Christianity
      Christianity grows greatly after persecution of Christians
      Rome is in decline

      Born 387 AD - He was in Ireland from 432 - 460;  Died Mar 17, 460 (Some date his death in 493 AD)
      Captive years in Ireland - Age 16 - 24
      Cattle herdsman - Spiritual awakening to prayer - Dream of rescue and escape
      Back to England
      Beginning his priesthood
      Training in France at a monastery (25 years)
      Dream and Call to Ireland 
      Made Bishop for Ireland
      Travel back to Ireland
      Community came with him
      Understands how the Irish think and live - sets up a different kind of evangelism model
      Made contacts with tribal kings or leaders
      Set up monasteries led by Abbots or Abbesses - situated on the main roadways near tribal villages
      Community style of Evangelism through hospitality
          Life Together:  Meals - Worship - Work together
          Study and Solitude - Education, reading, writing taught
          Soul Friend - Confessional role with Penance
          Worship - Study - Work together
           Discovering Vocation In Life
      Work of Patrick was evangelism - bringing people into the monasteries
      Groups often stayed together to plant new monasteries

150 Tribes in Ireland all converted within two generations after death of Patrick

Finnian - Apostle to Scotland

North Umbria - growth got bogged down because of the Roman Model

Roman Model of Evangelism - requires decision for Christ before membership
Celtic Model of Evangelism - allowed membership before decision to be Christian


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